Join People from all over the world for this special 2 hour webcast*

* The webinar recording will be available to all purchasers and attendees. 

If you are unable to attend the live premier, you will be able to view the recording at your convenience AND as many times as you desire.

Why The Capstone Experience

You already know this - but consider this a gentle reminder…

There exists a much greater aspect of you that is pleading to be allowed to emerge. A bolder, more powerful, more successful, more creative and more contributory YOU.

Which is why – you have read all the books, taken the courses, attended the seminars and workshops, watched online videos, signed up for coaching programs, and perhaps even spent time with shamans or gurus.

And yet, despite all the information you’ve found, the knowledge you’ve accumulated, the experiences you’ve undergone, the insights you’ve had, the techniques you’ve applied, the inner work you’ve done and the dedication to your own self-actualization you have demonstrated…

You know, deep in your heart, that something is still missing… 

That keystone piece that ties it all together.

This special 2 hour Capstone Experience webcast is a Master Class in Personal Mastery.

Like the keystone in masonry, it will tie together everything you have studied so far on your quest for self-actualization and personal mastery. And like the capstone in architecture, it will be the crowning piece to what you have built thus far. 

In a scholastic setting, a Capstone Experience is a mastery course focusing on the "ways of knowing" in a particular discipline and addresses the types of questions and issues faced by students of the discipline. It is similar to a Master’s Degree Thesis.

There are many ways of knowing. Many pathways. Whatever pathways you have traveled in your quest for self-realization and personal empowerment, this will tie it all together for you.

This special event will take you on a journey from age old philosophical and spiritual knowledge through to the latest scientific understandings, uniting them into a coherent whole, a crowning capstone experience.

This is the time for you to choose, the time for you to step into that greater self, the time for you to commit to your personal empowerment. Choice points are opportunities to self actualize, to craft your future, to shape your destiny, to become what you know in your heart is awaiting you.

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